Birthday Parties

Thank you so much for considering us for your upcoming birthday party!  We are committed to making your event as memorable as possible. Listed below is some key information as you consider booking a party with us:


Pricing: We do not require a minimum number of guests to book a party, nor do we require a deposit upfront. Our pouring tables can comfortably fit up to 24 adults and 32 kiddos, which allows us to remain in our studio space.  In that case, our fees are soley based on the canvas size you choose for your guests to work on. 



  • 8x10:   $15.00   

  • 9x12:   $20.00  

  • 12x12:  $25.00

  • 11x14:  $30.00

  • 16x20:  $35.00  


If you are planning a gathering that exceeds what we can comfortably do in our defined studio space, we can simply rent additional space from the facility to accommodate your needs.  In that case, there is an additional $65.00 facility rental fee which is added to the price of the canvases you choose.   


Food/Beverage: The day of the party, you are welcome to bring in whatever food, beverages and decorations you would like. You take care of the set-up and we do all of the clean-up.  


Duration: We typically book two and a half hours for each party. This ensures you have ample time to truly enjoy your event. This includes the set-up of any decorations you wish to bring. That amount of time has consistently shown to be sufficient for painting, eating, cake time and even present opening (if you wish to do so at the event).  


Birthday Keepsake:  One of the unique aspects of booking a birthday party with Art & Soul Studios is our special birthday keepsake.  As our special gift to the birthday guest, we offer an additional free 16x20 canvas. Everyone is invited to sign the back of the canvas with birthday wishes, and at the end of the painting portion of the party, each person adds some of their leftover paint to create a beautiful piece for the guest of honor. It makes for a truly special memory of the big day.  


Our energetic and talented staff are pros at making all of our parties fun and memorable.  And while we work very hard at creating an upbeat atmosphere for all of our events, we are also cognizant of allowing you your privacy for the non-painting parts of the party.  


We would love to have the opportunity to host your event. We hope you will give us a try, as we are confident you will be thoroughly happy with the results.


If you have any questions, or special requests, please don’t hesitate to ask.