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Looking for a fun and unique place to hold a birthday party?  Well look no further!!  At Art & Soul Studios, our bright and energetic environment is the perfect place to schedule your special celebration.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will walk you through each step of the process for creating a beautiful Fluid Art Painting!

We can comfortably fit 18 adults and 21 kiddos at our customized pouring tables.

We do not require a minimum number of guests to book a party and our fees are simply based on the canvas size you choose to work on.

The day of the party, you are welcome to bring in whatever food, beverages and decorations you would like. You take care of the set up and we do all of the clean-up

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We typically book two and a half hours to ensure you have enough time to enjoy all aspects of the party. We work very hard at creating a fun atmosphere for all of our events, but we are also cognizant of allowing you your privacy for the non-painting portions of the event.  We are absolutely committed to making your special day a fun and memorable one. 

Whether a kiddo or an adult, allowing us to host your birthday party will guarantee a fun and memorable experience!

CANVAS SIZES  (Larger or Deep Gallery Canvases can also be requested for an additional per canvas fee.)

  • 12x12:  $25.00

  • 11x14:  $30.00

  • 16x20:  $35.00 

  • 8x10:    $15.00   

  • 10x10:  $18.00

  • 9x12:   $20.00