Corporate Events


Thank you for inquiring about our team building events. We offer several options to accommodate your team building objective. The cost of the event is based on the size of the canvas you choose, and whether or not we provide food and beverages.


  • 16x20 Gallery Style Canvas: $35.00

  • 11x14 Gallery Style Canvas: $30.00

  • 12x12 Gallery Style Canvas: $25.00


This option brings the team together to collaborate and create a larger professional gallery style canvas. The piece can then be displayed in the office as a symbol of the beauty of teamwork and collaboration.  Everyone needs to work together to determine the best color scheme and the techniques they want to use when creating the painting.

  • 24x30 Gallery Style Canvas: $105.00

  • 24x36 Gallery Style Canvas: $125.00

  • 30x40 Gallery Style Canvas: $145.00

  • 36x36 Gallery Style Canvas: $155.00

  • 30x48 Gallery Style Canvas: $165.00

  • 36x48 Gallery Style Canvas: $175.00


Some organizations choose to have their associates create their own personal painting, and then bring all of their paint colors together to create a larger piece.  The cost of this package is the combined cost of the canvas prices listed above.

This type of art form is something that everyone can do.  You do not need any previous art training or experience to create a painting that you can proudly display in your home or office.  All supplies, including several coats of professional art varnish, are included in any option you select.


If interested, you are welcome to bring in any food and/or beverages of your choice.  For an additional fee of $15.00 per guest, we offer the option of providing a grazing board of meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, dips, etc., as well as a selection of non-alcoholic beverages. We are also able to provide a grazing board, along with alcoholic beverages (wine, beer and/or champagne punch), for fee of $20.00 per guest.  

Our approach to team building sessions are focused on creating a fun and relaxed environment where everyone has an opportunity to tap into their creative side. The event creates an opportunity for co-workers to see each other in a different light, as they interact outside of the workplace in our unique setting.   

If you would like to receive feedback from other companies who have utilized us for their team building events, I would be happy to connect you.  

We are absolutely committed to making your event fun, relaxing, and memorable.  For additional information, please call us at (479) 202-2328 or email us at

You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages. If you are having us provide a light buffet and non-alcoholic beverages, please add an additional $50.00 to the canvas price listed above.



  • Up to a two-hour session

  • 16x20 Canvas

  • Unlimited Acrylic Paint Colors

For this option you are welcome to bring your own goodies and beverages.


  • Up to two-hour session

  • 16x20 Canvas

  • Unlimited Acrylic Paint Colors

Guests are welcome to use all of the acrylic paint colors we have available. Light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will also be served.


Want to do something fun for your team after hours?

This is a good opportunity to host an event everyone can tap into their creative side…and best yet…we do all the work!

This is truly an event where you can celebrate your teams creativity, all in a party-like atmosphere.


  • Up to two-hour session

  • 16x20 Canvas

  • Unlimited Acrylic Paint Colors

We will provide a delicious light buffet along with several beer and our famous sangria.