We are a local art studio offering a unique and fresh twist to the traditional Paint & Sip Studios. We specialize in various forms of abstract art including Acrylic Fluid Art, Water Marbling, Resin, and Alcohol Ink Art.  These art forms can be done by everyone, and absolutely no previous art experience is necessary.  We thoroughly enjoy seeing our guests create a beautiful work of art that they can truly be proud of. 

One of the areas we specialize in is company events and team building sessions.  Our approach is focused on creating a fun and relaxed environment where everyone has an opportunity to tap into their creative side. Our company and team events create an opportunity for co-workers to see each other in a different light, as they interact outside of the workplace in a unique setting.   

The cost of the event is based on the size of the canvas you choose to have team members work on, and whether or not you would like us to provide food and beverages.  



OPTION 1 - Guest creates their own individual canvas

Canvas Prices Per Guest: 

  • 16x20: $35.00

  • 11x14: $30.00

  • 12x12: $25.00



OPTION 2 - Large Canvas Collaboration

This option brings the team together to collaborate and create a larger professional gallery style canvas. The piece can then be displayed in the office as a symbol of the beauty of teamwork and collaboration. Everyone works together to determine the best color scheme and technique(s) they want to use when creating the painting.


Large Canvas Prices:

  • 36x36 $155.00

  • 30x48 $165.00

  • 36x48 $175.00

  • 24x30 $105.00     

  • 24x36 $125.00

  • 30x40 $145.00



OPTION 3 - Combination Package

Some organizations choose to have their associates create their own personal painting, and then bring all of their paint colors together to create a larger piece.  The cost of this package is the combined cost of the canvas prices listed above.

This type of art form is something that everyone can do.  You do not need any previous art training or experience to create a painting that you can proudly display in your home or office.  

All supplies, including several coats of professional art varnish, are included in any option you select.


OPTION 4 - Silk Scarves or Bandanas

Water marbling is an ancient art form that originated within several ancient cultures. Ebru (Turkey) and Suminagashi (Japan) are still in use today.  The technique consists of floating pigments, now most commonly acrylics, on a thickened substrate, creating an image that is then transferred to paper or fabric.  

Silk scarves and/or bandanas are used in our sessions to create beautiful pieces of wearable art. Some guests have also chosen to frame their creations. 

Either way, this process generates significant interaction amongst our guests.  As with all of our events, absolutely no art experience is required.  

Water Marbling Prices

  • 15X60“ Scarf:  $35.00

  • 8x54” Hair Scarf:  $30.00

  • 17x17” Bandana:  $20.00

Scarf - Water Marbling.jpg


If interested, you are welcome to bring in any food and/or beverages of your choice. 

If you would rather, we are happy to provide food and beverages. The cost is as follows:

$15.00/Person: A variety of non-alcoholic beverages and a grazing tray that includes meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, dips, etc.

 $20.00/Person: Same options as above, but also includes alcoholic beverages (beer, wine and/or champagne punch.)

We are absolutely committed to making your event fun, relaxing, and memorable!